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Unitary Method

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                                                           Unitary Method


Unitary Method

Unitary method is a method under which a calculation is carried out to find the value of the number of items, by first finding the value of one item.

From daily life experience, we know that when we increase the quantity of articles, their cost increases and when we decrease the quantity of articles, their cost decreases. In other words, more articles have more value and less articles have less value.


Note: In unitary method:

(i) To get more value we multiply.

(ii) To get less value we divide.

To solve the problems by unitary method we follow two steps:

Step 1: Get the value of a single unit.

Step 2: Then find the value of required units.


  • Example

If price of 12 cycles is Rs. 18720, find the price of 18 such cycles.


Price of 1 cycle = Rs.\[\frac{18720}{12}\]= Rs. 1560

Price of 18 cycles = Rs.\[1560\times 18\] = Rs. 28080


Some Other Problems Related to Unitary Method

Problems related to unitary method may also be as follows:


  • Example

If price of 14 kg oranges is Rs. 537.60. Find the price of 15 kg oranges.


Price of 1 kg orange = Rs. \[\frac{537.60}{14}\] = Rs. 38.40

Price of 15 kg oranges = Rs. \[38.40\times 15\]= Rs. 576.  


  • Example

A car covers the distance 410 km in 5 hours. Find the distance covered by the car in 7 hours.


Distance covered by the car in 1 hour =\[\frac{410}{5}km=82km\] Distance covered by the car in 7 hours

=\[82km\times 7=574km\]


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