Secondary School Level

My Red Sweater

My grand mother was the one whom I loved the most. She lived with us in our house. She was very loving. She made delicious sweets for me. She also helped me to write poems.

Knitting was her hobby. She knitted many woolen garments for my family. She made sweaters, socks, muffler, mittens and gloves for me and my doll. On my birthday when I woke up I saw a beautiful red sweater near my bed. My grand mother had especially made for me.

It was the most beautiful sweater I hade ever seen. It had bright white embroidery and a big collar. I wore it all day long. My friends appreciated it a lot. Now my grand mother is no more but I still wear this sweater every winter and remember her a lot. I can feel the love and warmth of my grand mother around me.


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