Science Projects And Inventions



  • A matchbox
  • A paper match
  • A cylindrical cork

 Three impossible feats can be pulled off if you can be a little sneaky. It is fun and a great source of entertainment for your friends.

Consider these three feats:

Drop a matchbox from a height of six inches (15 centimeters) over a table top so that it lands on its end and remains upright.

2.   Drop a paper match so that it lands and stays on its edge.

3.    Drop a cylindrical cork so that lands on one end.

The way to go about it:

For1: Push the matchbox drawer about an inch upward holding the box vertically. You can conceal the protruding top with your hand. When you drop it over the table top, the match box will not bounce.




For 1:     Once the matchbox hits the table top, the inertia of the drawer sliding back into place uses up the energy that normally would have gone into a bounce.

For 2:     A match that is straight is not likely to stand on its edge, but a bent one is forced to land on its edge.

For3:      Once the cork drops in any of its ends, it bounces up and land on its side- but if it is dropped on its side, it more often than not jumps to settle on one of its ends.


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