Science Projects And Inventions



  • A chessboard
  • Some grains of rice
  • A compass
  • A sheet of plain paper
  • Some coloured pens

If on a chess board one continues placing double the number of grains of rice, as compared to the previous one, on every square, i.e., one grain on the first square, two grains on the second square, four grains on the third square and sixteen on the fourth square and likewise. Calculate the number of grains of rice there will there be on the tenth square and the total grains on the board.

Draw a circle with a radius of 2 inches with a compass. Draw another circle by placing the point of the compass on one edge of the first circle. Place the point of the compass at the points where the second circle intersects the first circle- Continue drawing circles from every intersection until there are no more. To form a proper hexagon connect the points where the circles cross the edge of the first circle with a pen of a different colour.


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