Himalaya's First Herbal Drug Liv.52 Hb For Hepatitis B

Category : Pharmacy

The Himalaya Drug Company, one of India's leading companies on herbal health has launched Liv.52 HB, the first herbal drug for the effective management of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection. The drug is an US patent-pending phytopharmaceutical formulation that is recommended for the treatment of HBV infection. Liv.52 HB exerts antiviral activity and   enhances   the   antioxidant defense system. "Available   treatments,   while effective,   come   with   serious side-effects and are very costly.

Clinical studies on Liv. 52 HB have revealed that the efficacy rate is comparable to that of currentavailabletreatmentswithoutanyside-effects.evenafterlong-termadministration. Moreover, the entire cost of six-month treatment with Liv.52 HB comes to just Rs.4, 680," said Philipe Haydon, CEO, Pharmaceutical Division, the Himalaya Drug Company.


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