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What are the properties of Equilibrium Constant?

For a general chemical equilibrium
alpha A +beta B ... rightleftharpoons rho R+sigma S ...


the thermodynamic equilibrium constant can be defined such that, at equilibrium,
K^ominus =frac{{{R}} ^rho {{S}}^sigma ... } {{{A}}^alpha {{B}}^beta ...} 


where curly brackets denote the thermodynamic activities of the chemical species. The logarithm of this expression appears in the formula for the Gibbs free energy change for the reaction. If deviations from ideal behaviour are neglected, the activities may be replaced by concentrations, [A], and a concentration quotient, Kc.
K_text{c}=frac{{[R]} ^rho {[S]}^sigma ... } {{[A]}^alpha {[B]}^beta ...} 


Kc is defined which is equal to the thermodynamic equilibrium constant divided by a quotient of activity coefficients. For ideal behaviour this quotient has a value of 1, and Kc = KStrikeO.png (Kc appears here to have units of concentration raised to some power while KStrikeO.png is dimensionless. The concentration factors in Kc are properly divided by a standard concentration so that Kc is dimensionless also.)
A knowledge of equilibrium constants is essential for the understanding of many chemical systems, as well as biochemical processes such as oxygen transport by hemoglobin in blood and acid-base homeostasis in the human body.
Stability constants, formation constants, binding constants, association constants and dissociation constants are all types of equilibrium constant.


In this video Mr. Lalit Sardana (IIT-JEE AIR 243) will explain you the properties of equilibrium constant through nature of reaction, larger the value of Kc, independence of change of P and V, dependence on Temperature. He has been one of the leading lecturers who has created bright minds. This topic is basically asked in 11th CBSE, 12th CBSE, AIPMT, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, KCET Engineering, MPPET, J and K Engineering, etc. 

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