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Hey this is gonna help you in your 12th class physics!!!! Here is a brief description about combination of conducting rods :)

Thermal Conduction

In heat transfer, conduction (or heat conduction) is the transfer of heat energy by microscopic diffusion and collisions of particles or quasi-particles within a body due to a temperature gradient. The microscopically diffusing and colliding objects include molecules, electrons, atoms, and phonons. They transfer microscopically disorganized kinetic and potential energy, which are jointly known as internal energy. Conduction can only take place within an object or material, or between two objects that are in direct or indirect contact with each other. Conduction takes place in all forms of ponderable matter, such as solids, liquids, gases and plasmas.

Steady state 

The state of the rod in which no part of the rod absorbs heat to raise its own temperature is called the steady-state. In steady state there is no effect of specific heat on the process of conduction, but the temperature of cross- section depends only on the thermal-conductivity of the material of the rod. By steady state it does not mean that the temperature of the whole rod is the same but it means that the temperatures of different parts of the rod may be different and the teperature of any part of rod does not vary with time. In practice the temperature of hot end of rod is maximum and it goes on decreasing towards the other end. In variable state of the rod the temperature of a cross- section depends on the thermal conductivity 'K' , density  'ρ' and specific heat 's'of material of rod.

 h = Thermal Conductivity / Thermal Capacity per unit
h= K / ρs


Types of  Heat Flow in Two Conducting Rods Connected 

1) Series Conductor
2) Parallel Conductor

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