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Science has made wonders in recent times. It has revolutionized the life in every field such as travel transport, communication, recreation, agriculture, industry, medicine, trade and commerce. We have electricity which has made our life comfortable in various ways. We have atom bomb, a great source of power. Now it is up to us whether we use science for good purposes or take undue advantage of it. No doubt science has placed in the hands of man extremely destructive weapons which may ruin the whole world in seconds but it never compels man nor creates a situation to make use of them. It is our greed and madness for power that urge us to use destructive weapons because we want to  finish each other.
Undoubtedly science has contributed a lot towards world peace of which we must be obliged. Science has given quick means of transport and communication which help us in winning wars more quickly. Hence no long war is possible. Railways, steam ships and aero planes make it easy to send troops and food supplies to distant places in a very short
time. Thus the enemy is promptly checked. 
The means of communication such as telegraph, telephone and wireless play a significant role in checking war or war-like situation. The speedy means of communication help the administrators in bringing the critical and violent situation
under control.
Once Eisenhower, the President of America had told that atom and Hydrogen bombs have secured world peace in a more viable way. The people of the world could not apprehend the meaning and were greatly surprised to read this comment. But the President was very much right. It is a fact that nuclear weapons are destructive weapons. If war breaks out and these deadly weapons are used, then it is certain that whole civilization will come to a complete destruction. This horror of  modern science destroys nations from declaring war. They think several times before going to war.
The means of recreation can used for establishing peace in the world. The horrible scenes of war, the miserable conditions of people after war and the scenes of destruction can be depicted on the screen so that the people can take some lessons from them. The after effects of war can be broadcasted from the radio. All these things can make man to determine not to wage war.
Scientific inventions have given us valuable machines. With their help production has been increased manifold. And now even the backward and poor countries have begun to enjoy a better standard of living.
War is a curse no doubt and it must be avoided at any cost. It is possible when the good of each individual is brought out to the fore. We do not suffer with split atom but from split mind. It is in the mind of man that war is first fought, then on field. When the sense of brotherhood passes away from mind and when we forget kindness, goodness and fellowship, we enter into wars. So we are responsible for wars, not science. However man is today has become more conscious of the necessity of world peace than ever before. He has begun to  use his scientific knowledge for peaceful purposes.


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