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Terrorism is the most talked about news item in today’s life. Every morning we come across sensational news and reports of acts of terrorism committed by terrorism in the world Sometimes it is a murder of an eminent politician, sometimes it is the kidnapping of an envoy by terrorists in order to blackmail a government to concede to their just or unjust demands high jacking of airplanes in crowded arcos is yet another criminal act of the terrorists.

These are many other forms of these anti-social or anti-national in human activities fish plates are removed from the railway tracks. The wells or water tanks are poisoned by the terrorists.

These anti-socials of anti-national activities are performed by the tourists in order to call the attention of the national government or the world community on a certain problem and get their just or unjust demands fulfilled.

Terrorism is an international problem which has clouded our lives and makes them insecure. We do not know at what moment we may be the victims of a bomb explosion or a railway accident or the high jacking of aero plane. No one has forgotten the Bombay bomb blasts. The Godhra incident, Akshardham attack, WTC attack and very recently Russian Massacre.

We many classify terrorism into two categories: positive and negative positive terrorism is one in which the aims are good. For example, a number of Indian patriots took to terriest against the British government to force it to grant freedom to India. The terrorism of South Africa and North Ireland etc. may be included in this category. This type of terrorism is understandable since its aims are good for mankind but we would not recommend such means for even right ends. In order to secure the achievement of noble ends. Right means must be employed as mahatma Gandhi did.

Negative terrorism is one in which an unsatisfied section of a community holds the entire community to ransom in order to get its unacceptable demands fulfilled.

Terrorism has no boundaries nor any caste, creed or cultural. It can occur anytime anywhere in the world sometimes without any intension. Terrorists have human heart. They spare none not even the innocent little children.

No doubt terrorists arc the person who has been created by our society. It is the misguided zeal of a few genius who are spreading it in the world we must handle them with care otherwise the whole world will be doomed. There is a need to spread a public conscience. Tire whole world should fight against it untidily.



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