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One  of the  most  beautiful achievements of man is a garden. Man has loved gardens and gardening from the earliest times. Gardening is a delightful and interesting hobby. 'Garden refreshes the spirit of a man, without which buildings and palaces are but gross handy works,' wrote Bacon. A beautiful garden is in itself a constant source of pleasure. It forms a quiet retreat where one can rest far from the madding crowd. Soothed by the singing of birds, a weary man enjoys soothing coolness. Smooth green lawns of grass with beds of gay flowers fill the air with sweet smell. No wonder, man has dreamt of garden, the Paradise on earth. It is the expression of his first state of innocence,                         
Gardening promotes physical as well as mental health. Looking after a garden all the year round with different activities like sowing seeds, watering saplings, tending trees and plants and also watching buds breaking into blossoms and fruits slowly ripening—all these are novel and thrilling experiences. Also the use of insecticides and pesticides prevents and kills insects and pests. It is like watching one's child grow. Hence, gardening as an ennobling hobby.                 


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