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A soldier is the symbol of a nation's pride and strength. He represents the armed forces of the country. He is trained to lead a very hard and disciplined life. He undergoes a very rigorous training. He is the defender of country's freedom and integrity his life is very uncertain during war times. He may be ordered to attack the enemy at any moment. He may have to spend many days continuously lying in a trench, waiting for his commander's orders. Any bullet from the enemy gun may end his life any moment. In the peace time he follows a very strict schedule. His life is very regular and disciplined. In the early morning he leaves his bed and gets ready to go to parade ground. There he undergoes a very rigorous physical training. A practical training to use the arms is also provided to him. Training to learn signals, first aid, horse riding, swimming etc. is also given to him.
He is provided a balanced diet in the dining hall of the mess. At noon he takes a little rest or plays some games. If he is far away from his home it is a time for writing a letter to his friends or relatives. 
In the evening also he is given a short physical training. There are group discussions which enable him to widen his outlook and prepare him to take a quick decision. In the evening he plays games of his choice there is a roll call again at night time. Sometimes a special film show is arranged for the entertainment of soldiers. He is allowed periodically to go out of cantt. area in civil dress.


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