What is common between Proteomics and Ayurveda?

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Proteomics is the advanced study of genomics. In genomics. The functional correlation between the new sequence of genes and the earlier available data are studied. In proteomics, it is the protein that is studied rather than DNA.

There are many proteins, each one associated with one function which varies with the nature of the tissue and the state of development of the disease. The effect of drugs are different on different proteins. The work of the recent Nobel Prize winners of being able to colour different proteins to study simultaneously their functions will give a tremendous push to the study of proteomics.

This study is aimed at the study of the effect of medicines for the same diseases on various individuals depending on the variation of their proteins. This is to say that disease specific medicines will not be dispersed but according to the individuals' Response to various medicines. This is what homeopathy and ayurveda had been also advocating all along. In ayurveda, persons are classified according to their institution and food habits, into three broad categories viz., those who by nature will be prone to rheumatic tendencies to gastric problems caused by bile or to problems connected by congestion. Though there are many medicines for the same problem, the treatment is patient-centred- Perhaps Charaka did not believe that what is good for rats can be tried on humans.

Now one knows that allergy is the interaction of foreign bodies on human systems which depends on the individuals. However, modem methods of analysis are powerful, unimagined before. In science there are no divisions. Just as in war every single method of fighting should be pressed into service, in the war against diseases, one has to go for integrated systems. Each one has to first learn one's chosen systems thoroughly and only at the post graduate or post doctorate levels, one has to integrate all systems. Our loyalty is to humanity not allopathy, ayurveda or Chinese system. Let us appreciate the great discoveries and advances in medicine in every system and every branch of science and use them for the good of humanity.


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