The War Against Cancer

Category : Editorial

Comparison of the DNA sequence of tumour cells affected by cancer and those which are healthy has been studied by the research scientists in Cambridge.

They have studied 23,000 mutations in the DNA affected by lung cancer and more than 33,000 in the case of melanoma or skin cancer. They have also studied the causes for the mutations and predict the tendency of certain mutated DNA to form cancerous tumours.

This is a first step. The second step is to understand what is the basic enzyme that will prevent the breaking of DNAs.

The solution to fight the diseases has come form the Study of the causes for long life. Scientists from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University of Israel have given the answer.

Life becomes longer if anti-ageing drugs can be discovered. Ageing is a result of the damage of telomeres which are similar to the plastic caps attached to shoe strings. They prevent the breaking up of DNA, The degradation of DNA is the cause of ageing. By studying the humans of exceptional longevity, (say above 97 years), they found the answer in the enzymes (telomerase) some of which are hyperactive. They rebuild or repair the telomeres, the caps of the strings.

If only one Chyavana Maharishi can discover how to make such hyperactive telomerase, the battle is won. Ageing can be conquered.


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