Selecting a Good Coaching Institute

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The competition in Pre-medical exams is tough but more tough is to select a good coaching institute. One wrong decision sets you back not only financially but also academically as your child loses one precious year of his career. So explore each and every coaching institute. Sometimes a nondescript coaching institute who doesn't get into lime light by throwing up large newspaper advertisement may turn out to be a better institute. Below are listed few points to help the student / parents in making the right decision.

• A good institute will not have more than about 30 students in a group as larger groups leave no scope for teacher-student interaction. Teaching and learning are a two-way traffic and students must have ample opportunity to clarify their doubts which is not possible in large groups. Students must be attended individually and their individual difficulties should be removed personally. Failing this, the student becomes just another roll number.

•   Make sure that there is no gap between tall claims and actual performance by the institute. Be extra vigilant-from this point of view and verify. Get contact number of the enrolled students and ask them. Don't go by what the majority says, i.e., do not follow the herd mentality Critically analyse the opinions of students/parents and then reach to a decision.

•   Critically investigate about the- caliber, qualifications and experience of the teachers. Many teachers do not pay sufficient attention to clarity of concepts and developing numerical solving abilities among students, thus ignoring basic requirement of science subjects.

•   The quality, regularity and frequency of tests are important to judge where you stand. They go a long-way in helping your child's success or failure eventually.

•  Are the students encouraged and motivated and given prizes based on their superior performance? In these days of fierce competitions, students need all the motivation. Make sure that teachers

do not discourage the students in the least.     

•   Check out who runs the institution? Academic person will run. it differently compared to a businessman.

•   Bunking classes is now becoming increasingly common in coaching institutions as on offshoot of the habit of absenting from school and colleges. Does the teacher or the institution keep the parents fully informed about absence of their child Also it is parent's duty that besides depending on the coaching they ensure that they play their parental role adequately so that their child succeeds as a students always needs a mentor or father figure, especially when he passes through a down phase.


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