Searching For El Dorado! It Is Right Under Your Nose

Category : Editorial

Without passport or visa, you can work in El Dorado right here, in India.

According to a serious study conducted by Cll, Textile Industry in Tamil Nadu alone will be worth Rs. Two Hundred Thousand Crores by 2015 and 100 lakh new jobs will be created. Coimbatore was already known as the Manchester of India. Tamil Nadu is also very famous for handlooms and many centres of power looms for the manufacture of export quality garments. But the labour intensive handlooms and power looms are passes, because of the cost factor.

Now to meet the international challenge, one has to accept the latest computer technologies right from spinning, weaving, printing and colour-mixing which is already adopted by the leading silk industrial houses. Textile engineers specializing in every sector for the manufacture of computer aided machineries for spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing, chemical engineers specializing in the manufacture of fast dyes capable of standing modern washing materials and are also non-carcigenous and fibres which are not harmful to the skin, yet having the required strength, etc. and a whole gamut of technologists capable of supervising with minimum man power and six sigma precision, the whole process from raw materials to the finished products, are all in demand. Quality control at every stage is the most important factor in facing competition. Textile designing, printing, fashion technology and marketing are as important. You have a choice of careers and jobs are waiting for you.

Are you ready to show your mettle? For a change, let us stop thinking of outsourcing for other countries but make our own goods and export them to every corner of the world, perhaps outsourcing the marketing in other countries for selling our products.


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