New Toys and New Dangers

Category : Editorial

It is the nature of man to play with new things. That is because of the inventive mind of human beings. just as children hurt themselves in play, men also get hurt and hurt future generations seriously unless they are very careful.

In 1950'5, thanks to the development of Nuclear Physics, peaceful scientists looked for their applications. Nuclear medicines, radiation therapy, preservation of food by irradiation, irradiation of plants and crops and so  on.

The incidence of cancer is also increasing. Whatever may be the cause, radiation has to be treated as a dangerous thing – Handle with care!

The recent advancement is in genetic science. The problem of pests is a serious one for crops The usual way of control is by the application of pesticide. Chemical pesticides are preferred by the common, more than the organic ones, such as neem cakes and tobacco, as the effect of inorganic pesticides is faster.

A genious was at work to solve this problem. The logic was simple. Pests eat the crops. If the poison is put right inside the fruits and vegetables, the pests are eliminated automatically and the products are safe!

Excellent idea. 'Bt' can be called biological tampering. Genetic introduction of the poison cry I Ac right in the genes of the plants was started. Apart from fruits and vegetables, many other products such as rice and cotton were protected. The worry now is not about protecting the vegetables but the poor humans who consume them.

Now that study has started or in the vocabulary of scientists, more work has to be performed in that direction of human safety. What about the availability of seeds^ There is no problem. This will be supplied i.e., sold by MNC's. But their solution for pests as well as  seeds are not acceptable to us.

We have scientists in every field who can look after our problems. IARI can look after agriculture and there are many other laboratories who can solve problems in industries, nuclear energy and satellites. We thank all nations who offer to help us, but we prefer to stand on our own feet.


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