Extraordinary Talent Must be Nurtured

Category : Editorial

Child prodigies ore not like other children. Having been born with super-abilities, they have in built mechanisms to deal with their capabilities.

A child born with extraordinary intelligence would be stifled if she were told that she must behave like her peers. It would be like expecting n qualified adult to go back to kindergarten and learn A, B and C's. The mind cannot be held prisoner to age or physical capability, it must be allowed to roam tree. Obviously, every core must be taken that the child Is not put under stress or pressure to perform as happened in the case of the India" child prodigy from Bihar. Though case of child prodigies ore few, it is quite certain that there 010 many wailing to be discovered. Schools and NGO's (such as Science Olympiad Foundation, New Delhi conducting Notional Science Olympiad and Notional Cyber Olympiad should actively seek out such talent from among their students and competitions should be held at the state and national levels to identify more child prodigies. The overage child today is for able to absorb knowledge than ever before. By extension, a prodigy should be more empowered than ever in this information-rich environment. The talents of such children must be encouraged and nurtured and guided in a direction where they can be harnessed for the greater good of all. There have been a number of Indian child prodigies discovered in American schools. The system there has proudly showcased their talents and sent them to special institution.

Sho yano, aged 12 with an IQ of 200, is a child prodigy and a medical student at the University of Chicago. If he weren't also getting the Ph.D. along with his medical degree (i.e. M.D. - Ph.D.) - thus, pushing his age at graduation to 19 or 20 — he'd also be on course to become the youngest person to graduate from any medical school. According to Guinness World Records, a 17-year old graduated from medical school in New York in 1995.

From early on, his mom says it was apparent that Sho was gifted his mother recoils trying to master a waltz of Chopin on the piano while 3- year-old Sho played with toy trains below her. Frustrated she went to the kitchen to take a break - and a few moments later, hurried bock in amazement as she heard sho playing the piece. By age 4, he was composing And by age 7, he was doing high school work - taught by his parents because they couldn't find a school that could accommodate him By age 8, he scored a 1,500 out of 1,600 possible point on the SAT and stories college at age 9, He chose medicine because he wants to help people. Wish i could find a big step," he says. His eyes widening slightly, "like a treatment for cancer."


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