Doctor's Dilemma - To Go or Not to Go?

Category : Editorial

The recent proposal of the health ministry that all MBBS graduates should spend one year's rural stint before taking up post-graduation is one idea which will be supported by all.

We had been advocating scholarships for all those who want to go for higher studies and the government could make two years military or civilian service compulsory before they Take up any job.

For rural upliftment a minimum one year is necessary before the doctor can build rapport with the local people and also to build a minimum infrastructure with the help of the local people.

The fact that the infrastructure is very poor in villages is exactly the reason why dynamic doctors and engineers and other graduates should be sent there. Not to send teachers to villages because they don't have good schools has the logical fallacy of 'begging the question'. The schools are not good because there are no good teachers available.

We have seen single doctor perform emergency operations in villages successfully without the help of even a compounder or nurses. Almost every village in India is underdeveloped but some are totally Undeveloped.

When The developed nations are ready to work with UNO and philanthropic captains of industries are ready to back up, it is the duty of citizens to welcome the suggestion of the government to stand on our own legs. Should we wait for doctors and teachers from other countries to work in our most backward villages only because we do not want our own children to go there as they do not have the facilities to work there?

Every developed country has compulsory military service or equivalent civilian service. Why not welcome at least compulsory civilian service. Ultimately we have to raise our standard by our own efforts. Health and education is our primary responsibility.


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