Bio-Technology is more than brinjals!

Category : Editorial

Neither Nuclear Engineering nor Bio-technology is bad What is bad is not taking care of some after effects. After all the magic genetic engineering that is being harnessed to cure diseases such as cancer, is part of bio-engineering.

If one has to import every single fuel rod of uranium or every seed of cotton and brinjal, it is the policy that needs a change. However Biotechnology is a great one, Just like Nuclear science. We cannot even dream of shying away from mastering any new technology. Our scientists are capable of taking the right steps to tackle any problem that may arise.

If any good product comes out as a by-product of research, commercialization will automatically follow. There is no need to justify the economic viability of any research. One cannot serve two masters-commerce and science, simultaneously. Science will progress if and only if scientists work only for the progress of science to further the total knowledge of mass, to be of service to humanity to fight hunger and diseases as well as for the advancement of technology, for the defence of the country and peaceful uses to improve the living conditions.

We are happy that IARI has already undertaken research to produce drought-resistant crops and vitamin-fortified crops. "Developing monsoon-independent crop plants, producing designer crops and crops that can respond favourably to climate change, cultivation technique and crop variants that can maximise utilization of water and fertilizers" are the other challenges that are waiting to be solved according to the Deputy Director General of IARI.

These are the research that can change the face of the nation's agriculture. Let us leave the problem of tackling pests to organic methods by the use of Tobacco, neem cakes and the like. Biotechnology has a lot of good applications like Nuclear Physics. One can only say, let us handle these with care.


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