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Buy Book online

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Posted by Study Adda Sun, January 15th 2012


Buy Book online

Buying Book online helps buyers to purchase books with the help of internet. This online process helps readers to save their time. With the help of this, readers can get many choices and they find easy to select� the books.


Advantage of buying books online

1)      Customers can buy book from anywhere

2)      24 hours facility are their for online customers

3)      Customers get more variety

4)      Cheaper Process

5)      No wastage of time

6)      Convenient


Disadvantage of buying book online

1)      Misappropriation and fraud can be their.

2)      Chances of Damage

3)      Have to wait for delivery

4)      Online books only provide description of books


Websites for buying Book online

Amazon - online retailer of books, CDs, videos, DVDs, toys and games, electronics, kitchenware, computers, and more. 

Barnes & Noble - includes listing of bestsellers. Features college textbooks, music, software, and online courses. 

Borders - online retail site for music, video, and books including computer and children's books. 

Powell's - large, independent bookstore with new and used books in all subject areas. 







The Top 5 Sites To buy book online

1. Half.com

Half.com mainly focus on customers needs.They gave according to customers demandHalf.com charges a 15% commission to sellers

2. Amazon.com

Amazon.com helps to buy book online new as well as old books.Customer can save their time with the help of this.


Chegg.com make life easy to readers. They gave books on rent and in cheaper rate.


4. Socialbib

Socialbib.com helps to buy books online.Socialbib.com help customer to trade in books.With the help of this we can buy and sale to another customer.

5. Buy.com

Buy.com is another websites which deal in selling books online.This websites is same like Amazon.What is best in this site they have books in all segments.Buy.com maintain very huge library

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