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UGC Recognised Universities and Deemed Universities in Andhrapradesh (with Courses of Study):

Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University

Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500030
            E-mail : vcapau@hotmail.com/root@apau.ren.nic.in
            Academic Session : July/August to June/July
            Admission Time : June/July
            Admission Procedure : Entrance Test, except for nominated seats
            Course of study :
(i)         BSc (Agriculture)/BSc (Horticulture)/BTech (Agri Engineering)/BVSc&AH/BFSc/BTech (Dairy)/BHSc (Rural)
(ii)        MSc (Agriculture )/MSc (Horti)/MTech (Dairy)/MSc (Dairy)/MVSc/MSc (Home Sc)
(iii)       PhD in agriculture, veterinary & home science

Andhra University

            E-mail : aulibra@md2.vsnl.net.in
            Academic Session : July to March
            Admission Time : June/July
            Admission Procedure : Entrance Test/Marks obtained in qualifying examination
          Under graduate course of study (after [10+2]):
(i)         BA/BA (Hons) /BA (Oriental Learning)/BFA/BCom/BBM
(ii)        BE Branches are-Civil, Electrical. Mechanical, Electronics & Communication, Electrical & Electronics, Environmental Engineering, Marine Engineering. Metallurgy, Naval Architecture
(iii)       BE (Pan-time) for diploma holders. Branches are—Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Electronics & Communication
(iv)       BTech in Chemical engineering. Computer Science & System engineering, Instrumentation Technology
(v)        BArch 10+2 with PCM or Diploma in Architecture
(vi)       LLB (5 years course)
(vi)       BPharm, BPharm (Part-time)
(viii)     BSc, BSc (Home Science), BCA, BS (Electronics & Communication), BPS
          Post graduate course/course after graduation :
(i)         MA in Ancient History & Archaeology, Anthropology, Economics. Education, English, Geography, Hindi. Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Sanskrit, Sociology. Telugu. Urdu, Applied Economics & Rural Development, Religious Studies. Social Work, Music
(ii)        MSc in Applied Mathematics, Biochemistry, Bio-science. Botany,, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Human Genetics & Physical Anthropology, Marine Sciences, Meterology & Oceanography. Physics, Nuclear Physics, Statistics, Zoology, Coastal Aquaculture & Marine Biotechnology
(iii)       MSc (3 years duration) in Nuclear Chemistry. Space Physics, Computer Software
(iv)       MSc (Tech), 3 years duration in Applied Physics, Applied Geology, Electronics, Geo-Physics. Hydrology
(v)        MSc (Capture and Culture Fisharies), MSc (Mineral Process Engineering), MSc (Geo-Engineering)
(vi)       ME/MTech after BE/BTech
(vii)      MCom/MBA
(viii)     BJMC after graduation and MJMC after BJMC/BLISc after graduation and MLISc after BLISc/BEd/BPEd after graduation and M Ed/MPEd after BEd/BPEd
(ix)       BGL (2 years). BL (3 years) after graduation
(x)        ML after BL/LLB in the subject/branch of Legal Theory; Constitutional & Administrative Law; Business Law; Labour & Industrial Law; Family Law; International Law; Law of Property; Law of Taxation; Criminal Law & Admn; Civil Wrongs & Remedies
Research degree/courses :
            MPhil/PhD/DLitt/D Sc/DCL
Diploma courses :
One year Diploma/PC Diploma in Linguistics, Cooperation & Rural Studies, English, Hindi, Russian. French, Japanese, Environmental Science, Prawn & Crab Farming & Management, International Business, Transport Management. Human Resource Management & Industrial Harmony etc.

Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages

            E-mail : english@ciefl.emet.in
            Academic Session : July to March
            Admission Time : February/March
            Admission Procedure : Entrance Test/Marks obtained in qualifying examination
Post graduate course of study/course offered after graduation :
(i)         MA in German; Arabic; Russian; Spanish
Research degree/course :
(i)         MPhil in Arabic, German, English, French, Russian, Spanish
(ii)        PhD in English, Arabic, French. German, Russian
Diploma & certificate courses :
(i)         One year Diploma in teaching of English, Arabic, French, German, Russian. Spanish

(ii)        One year Certificate in teaching of Arabic, German, French, Russian, Spanish. Part-time certificate of proficiency is also offered in French, Arabic, German, Russian, Spanish and Japanese after SSC or equivalent
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open University

Prof G. Ram Reddy Marg
            Jubilee hills, Hyderabad-500033
            E-mail : braouap@hdl.vsnl.net.in
            Phone : (040)3544743,3544771; Fax : (040)3544830
            Academic Session : July/August to June/July
            Admission Time : June/July
            Admission Procedure : Entrance Test/Marks obtained in qualifying examination
Undergraduate course of study (after [10+2]):
(i)         BA/BCom/BSc/BPR (after graduation)
(ii)        BLISc (for graduates working in recognized libraries)
Post graduate courses of study :
(i)         MA (Telugu medium) in Economics. History, Political Science, Public Administration
(ii)        MSc (English medium) in Mathematics
(iii)       MBA
Research courses/degree :
(i)         MPhil in Communication, Developmental Statistics. Economics, Geography, Political Science, Public Administration and Sociology/PhD
Diploma/certificate courses of study :
(i)         PG diploma in Marketing Management; Business Finance; Environmental Studies; Writing for Mass Media

(ii)        Certificate in Food and Nutrition, Mushroom Cultivation
Dravidian University, Kuppam

            Phone : (08570) 55754
            Fax : (08570) 55920
            Academic Session : July to June
            Admission Time : May/June/July
            Admission Procedure : Entrance Test/Marks obtained in qualifying examination
Course of study :

BSc (Computer Science), MPhil, PhD New courses are to be started every year for which contact registrar. The University was established to promote Dravidian studies
University of Hyderabad

P.O. Central University, Hyderabad-500046
            E-mail : prr@uohyd.ernet.in/vigad@uohyd.emet.in
            Phone : (040)3010500, 3010245
            Fax : (040)3010145, 3011090
            Academic Session : July to April (Semester-I July to Nov; Semester-U January to April)
            Admission Time : June/July
            Admission Procedure : All India entrance test
Post graduate courses of study :
(i)         MA in Anthropology, Applied Linguistic, Communication (Audio-Visual Media), Economics, History. Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, English, Hindi, Functional Hindi (Translation), Telugu, Urdu
(ii)        MFA (Painting) /MPA in Dance and Theatre Arts
(ii)        MSc in Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, Life Science (Biochemistry, Plant Science, Animal Science), Mathematics Applied, Pure and Statistics), Operational Research, Electronics/MCA/MSc Tech in Computational Techniques (for MSc degree holder in Physics )/MBA
Research degree/courses :
(i)         MPhil in Anthropology, Applied Linguistics, Comparative Literature, Chemistry, Education, Economics. History, Hindi, Mathematics, Political Science, Philosophy, Physics, Sociology. Telegu, Urdu
(ii)        PhD in Chemistry, Physics, Life Science, Mathematics, Computer Science. Political Science, Sociology. Anthropology, History, Economics. English, telegu, Urdu, Philosophy, Comparative Literature, Applied Linguistics, Regional Studies & Communication, Dance & Theatre Arts
Diploma courses :
One year Diploma in Chinese after graduation, advance diploma in Chinese after graduation and diploma in Chinese, diploma in acting after graduation
Distance education courses :
(i)         PG Diploma in Computer Science/Planning and Project Management/Environmental Education and Management/Translation Studies in English and Hindi/Human Rights/ Television Production/Library Automation and Networking/Telecommunication

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU)

Mahaveer Marg, Hyderabad-500028
            E-mail : jntuadm@hd2.dot.net.in /jntuce@hdl.vsnl.net.in
            Phone : (040)3391442, 3391467
            Fax : (040)3314200, 3397648
            Academic Session : July to April (Semester-I July to December, Semester-II January to April)
            Admission Time : June/July
            Admission Procedure : Admission test/Aptitude test
Undergraduate courses of study (after 10+2/diploma in engineering) :
(i)         BTech in Chemical, Civil. Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Mechanical, Metallurgy, Printing Technology/BPharm
(ii)        BTech (Part-time) for diploma holders in engineering. Branches—Civil, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Mechanical
(iii)       BTech (Correspondence-cum-contact course) for employed diploma holders working in Andhra Pradesh.  Branches—Civil, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Mechanical
(iv)       BArch (5 years)/BFA (4 years) in Applied Art, Painting, Sculpture/BFA (Photography)
Post graduate courses (courses offer graduation) :
(i)         MTech (3 semester regular). Branches of specilisation are-Civil, Remote Sensing, Geotech., Structural Engineering, Water Resources, Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering, Electrical Power Systems, High Voltage, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation & Control Systems, Computer Science, Mechanical machine Design, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Thermal Engineering, Energy Systems
(ii)        MTech (5 semester part time for working engineers). Branches of study are—Industrial Engineering & Management, Electrical Power System, Advance Electronics. Production Engineering. Water Resources Engineering. Planning Engineering & Management, Structural Engineering. Environmental Engineering. Automation & Control. Geotech, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, Digital Systems & Computer Electronics. Computer Science, Energy Management
(iii)       MTech (Biotechnology) of 3years (6 semester) duration. Eligibility for admission—BTech (Chemical Engineering/Food Technology/Biochemical Engineering) or MSc (Chemistry/Biotechnology/Microbiology/Genetics)
(iv)       MSc (6 semester part time) in Applied Mathematics (Systems Theory/Industrial Application). Applied Physics (Fibre Optics/Optical Communication), Applied Chemistry Petrochemicals)
(v)        MSc (Tech)/MArch (6 semester part time)/MURP/MCA/MBA/MBA (part time)
Research degree/courses :
Diploma courses :
(i)         Diploma in Computer Engineering after BE/BTech (Electrical/Electronics/Comm.)  
(ii)        Diploma in Computer Application after BSc with Maths/Statistics  
(iii)       Diploma in Photography
Distance education courses :

BTech for serving diploma holders working in Andhra Pradesh (with minimum one year experience). Branches—Civil, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Mechanical
Kakaliya University, Vidyaranyapuri, Warangal-506009

E-mail ; kakatiya@ap.nic.in
            Phone : (08712)38001 to 38016; 38866
            Fax : (08712) 39600, 38800
            Academic Session .'July to April (Semester-I July to December, Semester-II January to April)
            Admission Time : June/July
            Admission Procedure : Admission test/Aptitude Test/Marks obtained in qualifying examination
Under graduate courses of study (courses after 110+2])
(i)         BA/BA (Languages)/BCom/BSc/BCA/LLB (5 years)/BPharm
(ii)        BTech in Chemical, Civil, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Electronics & Communication, Electronics & Instrumentation, Mechanical, Mining, Metallurgical
(iii)       BTech (part time) for diploma holders. Branches—Civil, Electrical. Mechanical, Electrical & Communication, Chemical, Metallurgical, Mining
Post graduate courses of study (courses after graduation) :
(i)         MA in Economics, English, History. Mathematics. Political Science. Public Administration, Sociology, Telegu. Hindi, Sanskrit, Indian Culture, Tourism & Travel Management./BCJ/MCom/MBA/MCA/BEd/BPEd
(ii)        MEd after BEd/MPEd after BPEd
(iii)       MTech in Engineering Structures. Transportation Engineering. Water Resources Engineering, Geo-technical Engineering, Power Systems Engineering. Electrical Machines & Industrial Drives. Electronic Instrumentation, Machine Tool Design & Production Engineering, Design & Production of IC Engines and Gas Turbines, Chemical Engineering (Computer Aided Process & Equipment Design), Computer Science & Engineering. Industrial Metallurgy, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics & Communication. Mechanical
(iv)       MSc in Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics. Applied Mathematics, Zoology, Geology, Microbiology, Statistics, Bio-chemistry, Industrial Chemistry (Specialisation in Drugs, Dyes, Pharmaceuticals and Pesticides)
(v)        MSc (Tech) of 3 years duration in Engineering Physics/LLM/MPharm
Research degree/courses :
            Diploma courses:
            PG Diploma in Sericulture, Clinical Bio-Chemistry, Computer Application
Distance education courses :
BA, BCom, BLib Sc, BPEd, BGL, BEd. BCJ. MCA, LLM. MPEd, MA (Economics. English, Hindi. History. Mathematics, Political Science. Public Administration. Sanskrit. Sociology Telegu). MCom. MSc (Maths), MEd, MPhil (Botany. Chemistry, Communication. Economics, English. Hindi. History. Physics. Mathematics. Political Science, Public Administration. Telegu, Zoology). PG Diploma in—Rural Development, Distance Education, Business management, Law & Public Service, Consumer Protection Laws, Lib & Information Science, Cosmetics,     MSc (Environmental Science)

Maulana Azad National Urdu University

Brindavan Colony. Tolichowki, Hyderabad-500008
            E-mail ; Jairajpurims@lyco.coni/manuu@indiainfo.com
            Phone : (040) 3562944
            Fax : (040) 3562944/3562945
            Academic Session : July to April
            Admission Time : June/July
            Admission Procedure : Admission Test/Marks obtained in qualifying examination
          Courses of study :
BA (Subjects-Urdu, English, Science & technology. Social Studies), BCom, Certificate in Food & Nutrition

Nagarjuna University

Nagarjuna Nagar-522510, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
            E-mail : ragh@india.com
            Phone : (0863)293189/293190/293/269
            Fax : (0863)293378
            Academic Session : July to March.
            Admission Time : July
            Admission Procedure : Admission Test/Marks obtained in qualifying examination
Under graduate courses of study (after [10+2]) :
(i)         BA/BSc/BCom/BBM/BPharm/BSc (Home Science)
(ii)        BTech (Civil. Computer Science, Industrial & Production, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Mechanical)
PG and other courses of study (Courses after graduation) :
(i)         MA (Ancient History & Archeology, History, Economics, English, Marxist Studies, Mass Communication. Political Science. Public Administration, Sanskrit, Social Work, Sociology. Telugu)
(ii)        MSc (Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Botany, Chemistry, Electronics, Geology, Physics, Statistics, Zoology)
(iii)       MCom/MBA/MCA/BL/BGL/Bed
(iv)       BSc (Tech -3 years duration in Oil, Soaps & Detergents; Polymer & Surface Coating)
(v)        MEd after BEd/MI after BL
Research degrees :
(i)         MPhil (Humanities, Social Science, Physical Science, Natural Science, Comm. & Education)
(ii)        PhD
Diploma and certificate courses :

(i)         DCA/PG diploma (one year) in Business Management, Personnel Management & Industrial Relations. Marketing Management
National Academy of Legal Studies and Research University

3-4-761, Barkatpura, Hyderabad-500027, Andhra Pradesh
            E-mail : nalsar@hd2.dot.net.in
            Phone : (040)7567960
            Fax : (040)7567310
            Academic Session : July/August to March/April
            Admission Time : July
            Admission Procedure : Admission test/Interview
            Course of study :
            Integrated BA.BL (Hons) of 5 years duration after 10+2

Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences

Panjagutta, Hyderabad-500082
            E-mail : nims@ap.nic.in
            Phone : (040)3320332/3399690
            Fax : (040)3310076
            Academic Session : January
            Admission Time : July
            Admission Procedure : Admission test/Interview
Course of study :
(i)         MD (Anesthesiology, General Medicine, Hospital Administration, Pathology, Radio Diagnosis)
(ii)        MS (Orthopedics)/MCh (Neurosurgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Urology)
(iii)       DM (Cardiology. Neurology, Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics)/DMRD/FRCR
(iv)       BSc Nursing/BPT/Post Doctoral Training Certificate/Fellowship in Plastic/Vascular Surgery
(v)        PG Diploma of 2 years duration after BSc (PCM/BZOin Cardiac Pulmonary Perfusion Tech, Cardio-vascular Tech. Medical laboratory Tech, Neurotech., Radiation Therapy & Imaging Tech, Radiation Therapy Tech, Respiratory Therapy Tech
(vi)       Diploma of one year duration after BSc (PCM/BZC) in Anesthesia Technician Training, Dialysis Technician training, ECG Technician Training, Transfusion Medical Tech, Vascular Surgery Tech/Medical Record Science Technician Training course of one year duration for graduates.

NTR University of Health Sciences

            (E-mail : gshamsunder@mailcity.com
            Phone : (0866)451206/450431
            Fax : (0866)450563
            Academic Session : July/August to March/April
            (Admission Time ; July
            Admission Procedure ; Admission Test/Marks obtained in qualifying examination
Courses of study :
(i)         MBBS/)BDS/BSc (Nursing)/MSc (Applied Nutrition)/MSc (Nursing)
(ii)        MD (Anesthesiology, Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Forensic Medicine, General Medicine, Micro Biology, Obst & Gynae, Paediatrics, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Radiology, Community Medicine)
(iii)       MS (Anatomy, ENT, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics)
(iv)       DM (Cardiology. Gastroenterology, Neurology, Nephrology)
(v)        MCh (Cardiothoracic Surgery, Genitourinary Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery)
(vi)       MDS (Conservative Dentistry, Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral medicine. Radiology, Orthodontia, Pedodontia, Peridontia, Prosthetics)

Osmania University

            E-mail : vcou@staff.osmania.ac.in
            Phone : (040)7018951/7018043/7018048
            Fax : (040)7019020/7018003
            Academic Session : July/August to March/April
            Admission Time : June/July
            Admission Procedure : Admission Test/Marks obtained in qualifying examination
Under graduate courses of study (courses after [10+2]) :
(i)         BA/BA (Language)/BCom/BCom (Computers)/BSc/BSW/BHM&CT/BBS/BMR/BSc (Hearing & Speech)/LLB (5years)
(ii)        BTech (Chemical Engg, Chemical Tech, Food Processing Tech, Textile Tech)/BE (Biomedical, Civil, Computer Sc & Engg, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Production)
Post graduate courses of study (courses after graduation) :
(i)         MA (Ancient History, Culture & Archaeology, Arabic, Economics. English. French, Geography,  Hindi, History, Islamic Studies. Kannada. Linguistics, Marathi, Persian, Philosophy, Political Science. Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Statistics, Tamil, Telugu, Urduf/MCom
(ii)        MSc (Applied Chemistry. Applied Math, Applied Statistics, Astronomy. Biochemistry, Botany, Chemistry, Computation Physics, Computer Science, Genetics. Geology,            Geography, Geo-Physics, Maths, Microbiology, Physics, Statistics, Zoology Environmental Science)
(iii)       MSc (Tech-Geophysics, 3 years)/MSc (Tech-Applied Electronics)/MSc (Medicinal Chemistry)
(iv)       ME (Hydraulics, Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Structural Engineering, Hydro Mech & Water Management. Geo Tech, Electrical Power System Engg, Electrical Machine. Control System. Industrial Drive and Control, Heat Power Engg, Telecom Control Engg. Production, Electronics & Communication, Digital System, Microwave & Radar, System and Control)
(v)        MTech (Plant Design Process. Dynamics Centres Transfer Process Chemical Reaction, Ceramic Engg. Material Science & Technology. Technology of Pharmaceuticals, Techn, of Surface Coating, Fine Chemicals, Technology of Vegetable Oil. Fats & Detergent)
(vi)       BCJ/MCJ/BEd/MEd/MPEd/MCA/MBA/)Master in Defence Management (MDM)
(vii)      Master in Police Management (MPM)/Master in Hotel Management (MHMl/LLM

Research degree/courses :
(i)         MPhil
(ii)        PhD

Diploma courses:
(i)         One year diploma in Applied Geochemistry after MSc (Geology)
(ii)        One year diploma in Child Psychology & Family Relation after Graduation
(iii)       One year diploma in Corporate Secretaryship after BA/BCom
(iv)       One year diploma in Computer application after BA/BSc with mathematics
(v)        One year diploma in Industrial Relation & Personnel Management after Graduation
(vi)       One year diploma in French/German/Russian after Graduation
(vii)      One year diploma in Public Accounting after Graduation
(viii)     One year diploma in Taxation after BCom
(ix)       One year PG diploma in Applied Linguistic after Graduation
(x)        One year PG diploma in Child Psychology after Graduation (Female only)
(xi)       One year PG diploma in Computer Application after Graduation/Diploma in engineering
(xii)      One year PG diploma in Early Childhood Education after Graduation (For female only)
(xiii)     One year PG diploma in Functional Hindi after MA in Hindi
(xiv)     One year PG diploma in Geographical Cartography after Graduation in related subject
(xv)      One year PG diploma in Hydrology after MSc in Geology
(xvi)     One year PG diploma in Museology after MA in History/related subject
(xvii)    One year PG diploma in Planetarium Tech after MSc in Physics/Maths/Astronomy etc
(xviii)   One year PG diploma in Small Business Managt. & Marketing Managt. for Graduates
(xix)     One year PG diploma in Theatre Art after Graduation with knowledge of Telugu
(xx)      One year PG diploma in Archival Science & Manuseriptology after Graduation

Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University

Public Gardens, Nampally, Hyderabad-500004
            E-mail : pstuhyd@ap.nic.in
            Phone : (040)3240225/3240226
            Fax : (040)3236045
            Academic Session : July/August to March/April
            Admission Time : June/July
            Admission Procedure : Admission Test/Marks obtained in qualifying examination
Courses of study :
(i)         BA/BFA (Sculpture & Painting)/BCJ/MCJ
(ii)        MA (Karnatic Music, Kuchipudi Dance, Telugu, Theatre Arts, Folk Arts)
(iii)       MPhil/PhD
(iv)       PG diploma in Telugu Language Teaching after MA in Telugu
(v)        PG diploma in Prakrit Studies after MA in any Indian Literature
(vi)       PG diploma in Folk Art after graduation
(vii)      PG diploma in Theatre Art and Multimedia after graduation
(viii)     PG diploma in Modem Architecture and Jyotirvastu after graduation
(ix)       Diploma in Yakshaganam after SSC
(x)        Diploma in Mimicry after SSC
(xi)       Diploma in Jyotisham after SSC & certificate in Jyotisham
(xii)      Diploma in Kuchipudi Dance after certificate in Kuchipudi
(xiii)     Certificate in Jyothisham. Kuchipudi Dance & Modern Telugu

Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha

            E-mail : rsvp@md4.vsnl.net.in
            Phone : (08574)24090/27937
            Fax : (08574)27937
            Academic Session : July/August to April/May
            Admission Time : July/August
            Admission Procedure : Admission Test/Marks obtained in qualifying examination
Courses of study :
(i)         Prak Shastri (Intermediatet/Shastri (BA)/BA/BABEd (Integrated)/Acharya (MA)
(ii)        Shiksha Shastri (BEdf/Shiksha Acharya (M.Ed)/Vidyavaridhi (PhD)
(iii)       Diploma in Temple Culture

Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Sri Venkateswarapuram, Anantapur-515003
            E-mail : vcskustp@nettiinx.com
            Phone : (08554)55367/55373/55231
            Fax : (08554)55244/55295
            Academic Session : July to June
            Admission Time : July/August
            Admission Procedure : Admission Test/Marks obtained is qualifying examination
Courses of study :
(i)         BA/BSc/Bcom/BA (Oriental learning—Arabic, Persian, Telugu)/BLISc
(ii)        MA (Economics, English, History, Political Science. Public Administration, Rural Development, Sociology, Social Work, Applied Economics, Telugu, Adult Continuing Education and Extension)
(iii)       MSc (Applied Mathematics, Biochemistry, Botany, Chemistry, Electronics. Geology, Instrumentation, Sericulture, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics, Polymer Science, Statistics, Zoology, Computer Science, Biotechnology)/MSc (Tech-Polymer Science)
(iv)       Mcom/MLISc/MBA/MCA
(v)        BTech (Civil, Electronics & Communication, Computer Science & Engg, Mechanical, Industrial & Production)
(vi)       BL/ML
(vii)      MPhil/PhD
(viii)     One year PG diploma in Labour Laws & Taxation; Folklore & Performing Arts; Music & Theatre; Journalism, Kannada, Tamil

Sri Padinavathi Manila Visvavidyalayam

Timpati-517502, Chittoor District
            E-mail : vcspmvv@yahoo.com
            Phone : (08574)48886/48481/48850
            Fax : (08574)48417
            Academic Session : July to June
            Admission Time . June/July
            Admission Procedure : Admission Test/Marks obtained in qualifying examination
Courses of study :
(i)         BA/BA (Vocational)/BEd/BEd (Hearing Impairment)/MEd/BFA/BPhann/BScBPEd
(ii)        MA (English Language & Literature, Music, Telugu Language & Literature, Telugu Translation. Social Work, Women's Studies, Communication & Journalism)
(iii)       MCJ/BL/LLM
(iv)       MSc (Applied Mathematics, Applied Microbiology, Food Science & Nutrition, Human Development & Family Studies, Sericulture, Community Health & Nutrition)
(v)        MCA/MBA
(vi)       MPhil/PhD
(vii)      Diploma in Computer Application, Sericulture, Nutrition & Dietetics, Health Counselling & AIDS

Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning

Vidyagiri, Prasanthinilayam-515134, Dist-Anantapur
            Phone : (08555) 87235/87239
            Academic Session : June to March
            Admission Time : April/May
            Admission Procedure : Admission Test/Marks obtained in qualifying examination
Courses of study :
(i)         BA/BCom/BSc/BEd
(ii)        MA (English Language & Literature, Philosophy, Telugu Language & Literature)
(iii)       MBA/MFM
(iv)       MSc (Physics, Chemistry, Bio-Science, Mathematics, Home Science)
(v)        MTech (Computer Science after MSc Maths or BTech)
(vi)       MTech (Applied Optics & Digital Processing after MSc in Physics)
(vii)      PhD
(viii)     PG Diploma in Indian Culture and Philosophy

Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences

            E-mail : svimshosp@yahoo.com
            Phone : (08574)51222/27152
            Fax: 08574-28803
            Academic Session : August to June/July
            Admission Time : July/August
            Admission Procedure : Admission Test/Marks obtained in qualifying examination
Courses of study :
(i)         BSc Nursing/BPT
(ii)        PG Diploma in Para-Medical courses after BSc (BZC/PCM) in Anesthesia Tech, Cardiovascular Tech, Cardiac Pulmonary Perfusion Tech, Medical Lab Tech,
Radiography & Imaging Tech, Neurophysiology, Dialysis Tech, Transfusion Tech, Medical Records Training,
(iii)       PG Diploma in Dialysis Nursing, Anesthesia Nursing after BSc Nursing
(iv)       Post Doctoral Certificate courses in Cardiac & Neuro Anesthesia, Radiology & Imaging Science after MD/MS

Sri Venkateswara University

Tirupati-517502. Chittoor
            E-mail : vc@svuni.ren.nic.in
            Phone : (08574)24166/27647/49727; Fax : (08574)49611/29101
            Academic Session : July to March/April
            Admission Time : July/August
            Admission Procedure : Admission Test/Marks obtained in qualifying examination
Courses of study :
(i)         BA/BSc/BCom/BBM/BSc (Home Science)
(ii)        LLB/BEd/BLibSc
(iii)       BTech (Chemical, Civil, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Conununication, •Mechanical). Also BTech (Part-time) for Diploma holders
(iv)       Vocational course in BSc (Botany, Zoology, Sericulture, Maths, Physics, Computer Science), BCom (Computer Application & Practice)
(v)        MA (Adult Education, Arabic, Economics, Economic Planning & Regional Development, Econometrics, English, Hindi, History, Indian Culture, Persian, Philosophy, Political
Science, Population Studies. Psychology, Public Administration, Sanskrit Social Anthropology. Sociology, South East Asian Studies, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu)
(vi)       MCom/MBA/M.LiBSc/MEd/ML
(vii)      MSc (Applied Geology, Applied Mathematics, Biochemistry, Botany. Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Home Science, Mathematics, Physical Anthropology, Physics, Psychology, Quality Control & Operation research. Statistics, Zoology, Virology, Environmental Chemistry)
(viii)     MPhil/PhD
(ix)       Diploma in Adult Education, Banking & Accountancy, Computer Programming in Fortran & Cobol. Econometrics, Epigraphy, Diploma in Foreign Affairs, French, German, Functional Hindi, Geography, Indian Philosophy. Labour & Industrial Law, Linguistics, Local Self Government, Maths, Photography. Population Studies, Public Administration, Rural Development & Appropriate Technology, Secretarial Practice, Tourism & International Ticketing, Yoga, Word Processing & Data Management, Vacuum Technology, Applied Nutrition. Aquaculture

Course Available for Arts Students After 10 + 2

Sl. No. Abbreviation Full form of the Diploma
1   BA   : Bachelor of Arts (pass/major/honours0)  
2   BHA   : Bachelor of Financial & Investment Analysis  
3   BT&TM   : Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management  
4   BABEd   : Bachelor of Arts & Education (integrated)  
5   BSSc   : Bachelor of Sports Science  
6   BBA   : Bachelor of Business Administration  
7   HEM   : Bachelor of Business Management  
8   BBS   : Bachelor of Business Studies  
9   BBM   : Bachelor of Bank Management  
10   BCA   : Bachelor of Computer Application  
11   BRI   : Bachelor of Religions of India  
12   BA   : Bachelor of Arts (General and Corporate Secretaryship)  
13   BL/LLB   : Bachelor of Law (5 years-integrated course)  
14   BHM   : Bachelor of Hotel Management  
15   BHRD   : Bachelor of Human Resource Development  
16   BHRM   : Bachelor of Human Resource Management  
17   BIBF   : Bachelor of International Business and Finance  
18   BPP   : Bachelor of Physical Planning  
19   BJ   : Bachelor of Journalism  
20   BMS   : Bachelor of Management Science  
21   BPR   : Bachelor of Public Relation  
22   BRS   : Bachelor of Rural Studies  
23   BSW   : Bachelor of Social Works  
24   BHS   : Bachelor of Hospitality Science  
25   BTA/S   : Bachelor of Tourism Administration/Studies  
26   BEM   : Bachelor of Environmental Management  
27   BHM/A   : Bachelor of Hospital Management/Administration  
28   BMTT   : Bachelor of Management and Information Technology  
29   BD   : Bachelor of Dramatics  
30   BPed   : Bachelor of Physical Education (Health Education and Sports)  
31   CA             : Chartered Accountancy (Foundation)  
32   CS              : Company Secretaryship (Foundation)  
33   BAEd          : Bachelor of Adult Education  
34   BA (EdDeaf)   : Bachelor of Arts (Education of Deaf)  
35   BA (Mus)       : Bachelor of Arts (Music)  
36   BEEd            : Bachelor of Elementary Education  
37   BFA            : Bachelor of Fine Arts  
38   BJ & MC       : Bachelor of journalism & Mass Communication   
39   BLM            : Bachelor of Labour Management  
40   BVA             : Bachelor of Visual Arts  
41   BYS             : Bachelor of Yogic Science  
42   BMR            : Bachelor of Mental Retardation  

This list is only an indicative list and not a complete list. There are many other courses which an arts student can opt after 10+2 in arts.

Competitive Examination for 10+2 Arts Student

  1. Defence Services (various wings)
  2. Banking/LlC/GIC etc (Clerical cadre)
  3. SSB/Air Force
  4. Indian Railways
  5. Inter disciplinary services in central and state government (clerical grades)
  6. Clerk's Grade Examination
  7. NDA (Army wing)

Competitive Examination for Arts Graduates

  1. Civil Services (UPSC)
  2. (a) IAS
    (b) IPS
    (c) IFS
    (d) Central Excise & Income Tax
    (e) Indian Audit and Accounts service
    (f) Indian Revenue Services
    (g) Indian Economic Service
    (h) Indian Statistical Service

  3. Jobs in Banks/LIC/GIC/UTI/Financial Institutions (Probationary officer/Administrative officer etc)
  4. Combined Defence Services (CDS)
  5. SSB/Airforce Accounts/Assistant Commandant (General Duty) in Coast Guard
  6. Assistants' Grade Examination by Staff Selection Commission
  7. Inspectors of Central Excise, Income Tax etc through Staff Selection Commission
  8. Indian Railway Services
  9. Misc. services of accountant/cashier/book keeper in public sector/private sector/govt. sector
  10. State Civil Services (PSC)
  11. Reserve Bank Of India Services Board Exams

N.B.   The above list is only an indicative list and not an exhaustive list.

Subject Available for Study In BA Course After 10 + 2

Sl. No. Course
1   Accounting   
2   Accountancy   
3   Actuarial Science   
4   Administrative Law   
5   Adult Education   
6   Advertising & Sales Mgt.   
7   Aesthetics   
8   Agriculture& Animal Husb.   
9   Agricultural Marketing   
10   Analytical Tools   
11   Ancient History   
12   Archaeology & Culture   
13   Ancient Indian Culture   
14   Ancient Indian History   
15   Ancient World History   
16   Anthropology   
17   Applied Art   
18   Applied Nutrition   
19   Arabic   
20   Arab Culture   
21   Archaeology   
22   Ardhmagadhi   
23   Area Studies   
24   Arya Sidhanta   
25   Arts   
26   Art (History of Art)   
27   Asian Culture   
28   Asian Language & Literature   
29   Assamese   
30   Astronomy  
31   Avesta Pahlavi   
32   Bakery   
33   Bank Management   
34   Banking   
35   Bengali   
36   Bhajana   
37   Bharatha Natyam   
38   Bhasa Lekhan   
39   Bhojpuri   
40   Biochemistry   
41   Biology   
42   Bodo   
43   Book Keeping & Accountancy   
44   Book Publishing   
45   Botany   
46   Burmese   
47   Business   
48   Business Administration   
49   Business Management   
50   Business Communication   
51   Business Organization   
52   Business Correspondence   
53   Business Data & Processing   
54   Business & Office Practice   
55   Business Statistics   
56   Catering   
57   Cartography   
58   Chemistry   
59   Child Care & Training   
60   Child Development  
61   Child Psychology & Guidance  
62   Child Welfare  
63   Chinese  
64   Christian Rites  
65   Cinema Appreciation  
66   Classical Language  
67   Clay Modeling  
68   Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics  
69   Clothing & Textiles  
70   Commerce  
71   Commercial Art  
72   Commercial Geography  
73   Communication & Journalism  
74   Community Development  
75   Community & Rural Devpmt.  
76   Community Dev. & Extension  
77   Comparative Literature  
78   Comp. Study in Buddhism  
79   Comparative Religion  
80   Computer Application  
81   Computer Programming  
82   Computerised Data Collection  
83   Computer Secretaryship  
84   Counselling & Guidance  
85   Criminology  
86   Cultural Anthropology  
87   Cultural Dynamics  
88   Cultural Psychology  
89   Civilization  
90   Culture & Religion  
91   Dance  
92   Data processing  
93   Defence Management  
94   Defence Studies  
95   Demography  
96   Designing & Painting  
97   Development Administration  
98   Diet Therapy  
99   Dogri  
100   Domestic Science  
101   Dialectology  
102   Drama  
103   Dramatics  
104   Drawing & Painting  
105   Dress Making & Fashion Cord  
106   Ecology  
107   Econometrics  
108   Economics  
109   Economics & Rural Dev.  
110   Education  
111   Elements of Maths & Stat  
112   Elements of Eco & Stat  
113   Elements of Law  
114   English  
115   English (Comm. Skills)  
116   Enterpreneurial Dev.  
117   Enterpren. & Small Business  
118   Environmental Economics  
119   Environmental Studies  
120   European Language  
121   Experimental Psychology  
122   Export Procedure & Documtn  
123   Family Relations  
124   Family Resources Mgt.  
125   Fashion Des & Merchadsn  
126   Feature Writing  
127   Film Studies  
128   Finance  
129   First aid  
130   Food & Nutrition  
131   Foreign Trade Practice  
132   Freedom Movement & NI  
133   Foundation Course  
134   Fine Arts  
135   Folklore  
136   Folk Music  
137   French  
138   Fruit Preservation  
139   Functional English  
140   Functional Hindi  
141   Functional Sanskrit  
142   Garo  
143   Gandhiji's Life  
144   Gandhian Thought  
145   General Awareness  
146   General Foundation  
147   General Science  
148   General Psychology  
149   Geography  
150   Geology  
151   Geography of Maharashtra  
152   German  
153   Greek  
154   Gujarati  
155   Handlooms & Handicrafts  
156   Health and Physical Education  
157   Hebrew  
158   Hindi  
159   Himachal Pradesh History  
160   Hindu Religious Studies  
161   History  
162   History (Modem & Medieval)  
163   History of Architecture  
164   History of An & Culture  
165   History & Culture of Adivasis  
166   History and Culture of Punjab  
167   History of Civilization  
168   History of Kerala  
169   History of Freedom Movement of India  
170   History of Gujarat  
171   History of Literature  
172   History of Science  
173   History of Social Reforms in   
174   History of Vedic & Classical Sanskrit   
175   History of World  
176   Home Economics  
177   Home Management  
178   Home Nursing  
179   Home Science  
180   Horticultute & Landscaping  
181   Hotel Management  
182   Household Art  
183   Human Anatomy  
184   Humanities  
185   Human Ecology  
186   Human Environments  
187   Human Resource Management  
188   Human Rights  
189   Indian Classical dance  
190   Indian Culture  
191   Indian Cultural Philosophy  
192   Indian Heritage & Civilization  
193   Indian History and Indian Art  
194   Indian Music  
195   Indian & Oriental Culture  
196   Indian Philosophy & Religion  
197   Indian Philosophy  
198   hidology  
199   Indian Society & Culture  
200   Industrial Organisation  
201   Industrial Relations  
202   Industrial Relation & Personnel Management  
203   Instrumental Music  
204   Insurance  
205   Industrial Relations Including Trade Unionism  
206   Information Technology  
207   Interior Decoration  
208   International Economics  
209   Instrumental Music  
210   Islamic Culture  
211   Islamic History  
212   Islamic History & Culture  
213   Islamic Studies  
214   Italian  
215   Investment Analysis  
216   Japanese  
217   Jainology  
218   Jainism  
219   Journalism  
220   Jyotisha  
221   Kanarese  
222   Kannada  
223   Karnatak Music  
224   Kathakali  
225   Kashmiri  
226   Khasi  
227   Konkani  
228   Korean  
229   Kuchipudi Dance  
230   Labour And Social Welfare  
231   Labour Welfare  
232   Land & People of Rajasthan  
233   Language Skills  
234   Language Teaching  
235   Latin  
236   Law  
237   Lexicography  
238   Library Science  
239   Life Science  
240   Linguistics  
241   Live Stock & Dairy  
242   Live Stock & Leather  
243   Local Self Government  
244   Logic  
245   Logic & Methodology of Science  
246   Maithili   
247   Malayalam  
248   Management  
249   Manipuri  
250   Marathi  
251   Marketing  
252   Marketing Management  
253   Managerial Economics  
254   Market Research Techniques  
255   Mass Communication  
256   Mass Communication & Journalism  
257   Mathematical Modeling in Economics  
258   Mathematical Statistics  
259   Mathematics  
260   Mathematics (Applied)  
261   Mathematics (Industrial)  
262   Mathematics (Pure)  
263   Medieval & Modem History  
264   Mental & Moral Philosophy  
265   Microbiology  
266   Mizo  
267   Military Science/Studies  
268   Modem Armenian  
269   Modem Arabic  
270   Modem European Language  
271   Modem Government  
272   Modem Indian Language  
273   Modem Tibetan  
274   Music  
275   Money & Banking  
276   Musiology  
277   Music Appreciation  
278   Music & Fine Arts  
279   Museum & Tourism  
280   Nepali  
281   Nutrition & Dietetics  
282   Nutrition & Health Education  
283   Office Correspondence  
284   Office Management  
285   Office Management & Secretarial Practice  
286   Oriental Culture  
287   Oriental Learning/Title  
288   Oriya  
289   Painting  
290   Painting & Sculpture  
291   Pali  
292   Panchayati Raj  
293   Persian  
294   Persian  
295   Philosophy  
296   Physical Education  
297   Physics  
298   Physiology  
299   Political Science  
300   Population Education/Studies  
301   Principles & Practice of Insurance  
302   Portuguese  
303   Prakrit  
304   Psychology  
305   Psychology (Experimental)  
306   Public Health & Sanitation  
307   Punjabi  
308   Punjabi History & Culture  
309   Punjabi Literature  
310   Public Administration  
311   Public Relations  
312   Quantitative Methods/Techniques  
313   Rabindra Sangeet  
314   Rajasthani  
315   Religion  
316   Religious Studies  
317   Regional Planning  
318   Regional Studies of North East India  
319   Rural Development  
320   Rural Development & Cooperation  
321   Rural Development & Extension  
322   Rural Banking  
323   Rural Economics  
324   Rural Industrialization  
325   Rural Fine Arts  
326   Rural Reconstruction & Village Development  
327   Rural Marketing  
328   Rural Service  
329   Rural Society  
330   Rural Studies  
331   Russian  
332   Sales Promotion  
333   Sanskrit  
334   Sangitha Bhushana  
335   Santhali  
336   Science & Civilization  
337   Science Technology & Development  
338   Script Writing  
339   Sculpture  
340   Secretarial Practice  
341   Sindhi  
342   Sinhalese  
343   Social Awareness & Personality Development  
344   Social & Cultural History of India  
345   Social & Political Philosophy  
346   Social Journalism  
347   Social Psychology  
348   Social Work  
349   Social Science  
350   Sociology  
351   Social Study  
352   Social Welfare Administration  
353   Social Work & Social Welfare  
354   South East Asian Studies  
355   Spanish  
356   Statistical Methods  
357   Statistics  
358   Statistics (Applied)  
359   Swine Production  
360   Syriac  
361   System Analysis  
362   Tabia  
363   Tailoring & Hosiery  
364   Tamil  
365   Telugu  
366   Temple Worship & Management  
367   Tenyidie  
368   Translation  
369   Theatre  
370   Tibetan  
371   Trade Unionism & Labour Welfare  
372   Textile Designing  
373   Textile Dyeing & Printing  
374   Tourism & Hotel Management  
375   Transactional Analysis  
376   Travel & Tourism  
377   Tribal & Harijan Welfare  
378   Tribal Welfare  
379   Turkish  
380   Urdu  
381   Urban Studies  
382   Vedic literature  
383   Village Industries  
384   Visual Arts  
385   Vocal Music  
386   Vocational Studies  
387   West Asian Studies  
388   Western Music  
389   Women's Studies  
390   Work & Thought  
391   World History  
392   Writing for Radio  
393   Yoga  
394   Yogic Science  
395   Zoology  

Courses available in BA (Fine Art)/BFA

Specialized BA courses

  1. Applied Arts
  2. Art Design
  3. Applied Design
  4. Applied Painting
  5. Arts History
  6. Arts Education
  7. Bamboo & Cane Work
  8. Commercial Art
  9. Clay Modeling
  10. Ceramics Design
  11. Dance
  12. Design
  13. Drama
  14. Drawing & Painting
  15. Dress Making & Fashion Co-ordination
  16. Fine Arts
  17. Fine Arts & Crafts
  18. Graphic Arts
  19. Music
  20. Painting
  21. Photography
  22. Plastic Arts
  23. Pottery/Pottery Design
  24. Print Making
  25. Sculpture
  26. Sitar
  27. Tabla
  28. Tortile Design
  29. Textile Design
  30. Visual Arts
  31. Visual Communication
  32. Wood Craft
  1. BA (Applied)
  2. BA (Languages)
  3. BA (Rural Services)
  4. BA (Special)
  5. BA (Vocational)
  6. BA (Cooperation)
  7. BD (Bachelor of Dramatics)
  8. BDA (Bachelor of Development Administration)
  9. BCS (Bachelor of Computer Secretaryship)
  10. BDS (Bachelor in Development Studies)
  11. BDes (Bachelor of Design)
  12. BA (Journalism)
  13. BCJ (Bachelor of Communication & Journalism)
  14. BMus (Bachelor of Music)
  15. BLitt/BOL (Bachelor of Literature)
  16. BMC (Bachelor of Mass Communication)
  17. BUT (Bachelor of Lib & Info Technology)
  18. BVA (Bachelor of Visual Arts)

N.B.    The list of subjects is an indicative one and exhaustive one. The combination of subjects offered for study varies from university/institution to university/institution.